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Dramas de Primeiro Mundo

Dramas de Primeiro Mundo



Diana M.

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"It is easy to hear the forlorn voice of the expert in medieval studies trying to object to the stereotypes here: 'How did you know they were medieval torture instruments? Do you realise that torture was illegal for much of the Middle Ages? That in fact this kind of thing really belongs to the Tudor period?' Warming to a theme, that medievalist might also want to add that the burning of witches was more a feature of the sixteenth century than the Middle Ages, and that on the whole, many practices we regard as barbaric were more prevalent in the Renaissance than in the preceding era.

That medievalist, of course, would be missing the point. In the popular view, instruments of torture are always medieval. So, too, is the burning of witches, and many another grotesque practice. This conception of the Middle Ages is deeply entrenched". - David Matthews, Medievalism: A Critical History, 2015 (p.13)

Isto não interessa a ninguém, chamem-me "geek" ou "nerd", não me interessa.
Mas tinha que vir partilhar ânsias do meu coração medievalista.
Tão isto.

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